While writing is the main gig here, I also release music.

January 2023

Acoustic waves are always on the move, transmitted by air, water or solids, an ensemble of physical vibrations flowing outwards like ripples on a lake.
A short jam from the archive, how the brain remembers music and earworms.
Latest music release Deep Sun now available to stream, the worrying signs of coastal erosion in the UK and life in Eastbourne.
Escaping into fantasy worlds, whether nostalgic or futuristic, is good for our mental health and creativity. But digital media won't let us return to…
2023 begins with a very simple song demo and guitar improvisation.
A brief word on the passing of British guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck (aged 78), a soulful player every musician can find inspiration from.
Making a connection between two albums that I find mesmerising as a listener and hugely inspiring as a musician.
The one space that modern digital media can’t access is our inner library. Our internal collections of experience and wisdom are just not accessible to…